18 mei 2011


I´m one of the lucky basterds who is going to see Moby tonight!
 Moby is heading for Ghent to open A&Gallery AND his very first photo exhibition Destroyed - which is also the title of his new album/book (out on May 16).
Of course, there is also a little after party where Moby, Fredo & Aeroplane will dj.

Listened to a dj set Moby did @ the Ultra Music festival this year & I just can't wait for tonight!
(I'm not able to upload the dj set right now so you just have to find it yourself, I'm sorry)
Moby is the kind of dj who's not just focusing on making those awfully clean mixes between 2 songs, his assignement is to create a very energetic party with decks, fx, samples & great music!
Man it's been a while since i heard so much energy comming out of a dj set.
To Moby dj-ing is a skill, it's not a computergame!
I'one of the lucky basterds who is going to see Moby tonight! (& Fredo & Aeroplane!!)

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