14 jun. 2011

Sub-Skit promo mix Juni 2011

Shanna "Sub Skit" Verhoeven
 played a very solid DnB set on the Januari edition of the Fun-Q-bator party @ de PIT - Terneuzen.
The crowd immedialtely loved her!
One guy even threw his (he assured very clean) underwear on stage! 
 Here is her June Promo mix.
I didn't listen to it yet, but I'm more than happy to put the mix right here!
 Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
  Sub-Skit promo mix Juni 2011 by Sub-Skit

Tracklist after the break!

11 jun. 2011


Back from a few days FQB studio @ Drenthe (NL).
Took some time out on a hunnebed :)
Sjors 50-G's tagged these pictures on my facebook.
Couldn't resist posting the pictures.

I'm Back & I'm way too busy once again....(as usual;)