4 mei 2012


Today Beastye Boy MCA passed away. 
Rest In Peace Adam Yauch!
The only song I played 3 times in a row in a dj set. People went completely nuts!!

10 apr. 2012

No, I'm NOT!! Filthy Ken

Filthy Ken??

Well..... No I'm not him.
There's nothing more to say really...
No I don't use Virtual DJ, I don't play crappy youtube quality & I don't play those shitty bootlegs mashups.
What I do??? I make people go crazy!! Definitely!
And I'm sorry, I really don't like to record mixes, just see me live!!
Really, you should.
I don't do a lot of shows, but the're explosive..... they are.
Where &when? Here, like my FB page here.
Oh yeah, you really should like FILTHY KEN anyway.
Really, you should!
And, oh yeah... Like HIGH RANKIN too, he's really one of the greatest arround ;)
So Fuck You Virtual DJ......

4 apr. 2012

Visitors from another..... ehm planet?

Quite strange, There's not much FQB blog activity lately (I'm about to change that!!) but still there are 10 - 30 daily visitors @ this moment.
About 50% is Dutch, but a steady 35% last few months is American...... Makes me think of a working vacation @ the other side of the ocean, haha!!
Well who knows, I haven't made any plans yet & I'm in for an adventure!
.... but first I'll get the blog active again, to start with.
Bloggs up!!

Love FQB ;)

2 apr. 2012

Vote for FQB posters by VROUW VAN RINUS!!

There are 3 FQB Night posters by Vrouw van Rinus in the selection of best posters for 2011 in the provence of Zeeland (NL)
If you like please vote for us HERE to get Vrouw van Rinus @ #1!!
These are the posters!!


FQB Night 14th of April

Next FQB night is pretty soon again. With yet another funky poster by Vrouw van Rinus!!
This time with PACMAN, ALBEDO & FUN-Q-BATOR. & visuals by VISUAL VIBES.
Don't misssss!!!

25 okt. 2011

Little Blogbreak

There is a little blogbreak going on here...
Toch gaan de feesten natuurlijk gewoon door, 5 november in de PIT met de Milkbrothers et moi.
3 december is de laatste reguliere FQB partee dit jaar met Grote prijs finalist SHAMBOK, De TIK  en wederom ondergetekende.
U bedienen van geheime visuele boodschappen doet VISUAL VIBES
Tot zover deze bekopte update, just be @ the party, it is going to BANG!!


8 aug. 2011


Ik werk m'n kont af (I'm working my ass off), vandaar dat het een beetje stil is op het FQB blog.
Er liggen weer een hoop dingen te wachten die nog moeten gebeuren, maar first things first!
13 Augustus Fun-Q-Bator @ PLAN B in Goes (NL), waar ik heb beloofd dat het dak eraf gaat!
Plan B kan wel eens de broedplek van verschillende dance stijlen en creatieve dj's in Zeeland worden.
Als je kan moet je er absoluut eens je neus binnensteken!