10 apr. 2012

No, I'm NOT!! Filthy Ken

Filthy Ken??

Well..... No I'm not him.
There's nothing more to say really...
No I don't use Virtual DJ, I don't play crappy youtube quality & I don't play those shitty bootlegs mashups.
What I do??? I make people go crazy!! Definitely!
And I'm sorry, I really don't like to record mixes, just see me live!!
Really, you should.
I don't do a lot of shows, but the're explosive..... they are.
Where &when? Here, like my FB page here.
Oh yeah, you really should like FILTHY KEN anyway.
Really, you should!
And, oh yeah... Like HIGH RANKIN too, he's really one of the greatest arround ;)
So Fuck You Virtual DJ......

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